[Mailman-Users] HTML Formatted Email

Ki Song ki at knifecenter.com
Tue Jul 18 20:07:04 CEST 2006

>> How do I send an HTML formatted e-mail to all the subscribers to my mailing
>> list?
> You generate an HTML-formatted message, and then submit that to the
> list.  Whatever program you use to generate that HTML-formatted
> message doesn't really matter as far as Mailman is concerned, because
> that's an outside process.
Is there a web interface built into mailman that allows me to post these
HTML messages to the list?
The reason I ask is because I was using a program called Listserv by LSoft
that allowed me to post message via a web interface and had a check mark
that allowed me to send messages as HTML.

I'm guessing the best method to do what I want to do (send HTML newsletters)
is to:
- send a message to the list I created via an e-mail client like Outlook or
- Make sure it is encoded as HTML

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