[Mailman-Users] FW: FW: No One Can Post a Message but the Server

Greg Sims greg at headingup.net
Wed Jul 19 04:09:42 CEST 2006


I found /var/log/vette and see an entry that matches the time the newsletter
cron was run.  Here is the log entry:

Jul 18 04:23:01 2006 (8553) Message discarded, msgid:
<20060718112301.22011.qmail at raystedman.org>

I hope this gives you more clues.  Is there some way for mailman to be
verbose in the logs?

With respect to the moderator bit not being set on new subscriptions to the
list -- I believe I saw a timing problem that is not longer an issue.  I
followed your suggestion to set the moderated bit for all subscribers
initially.  I believe someone might have been in the process of subscribing
at the time I did this.  I now see additional new subscriptions with the
moderated but set. I believe this portion of the problem is behind us.

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Patrick Bogen wrote:

>On 7/18/06, Greg Sims <greg at headingup.net> wrote:
>> We did not use "<" and ">" around the password.  It seems like we still
>> to figure out why the newsletter was not distributed this morning and why
>> the moderation bit is not being set for new subscribers.
>Can you check your vette log to see what the reason was for discarding
>the message?

Yes. please check the vette log.

Regarding the other issues, the contents of the header (following
Approved:) must be exactly the list admin or moderator password. There
may be 0 or more spaces between Approved: and the password, but there
must be no characters and no trailing spaces after the password.

If the list's Privacy options->Sender
filters->default_member_moderation is Yes, new members should be
moderated. Note that this is a list attribute, not the
Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py setting DEFAULT_DEFAULT_MEMBER_MODERATION which
only sets the default for a new list. I don't see in the code how a
new member can avoid having their mod bit set to the Privacy
options->Sender filters->default_member_moderation setting.	

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