[Mailman-Users] customising: from listname-bounce at domain on behalf of poster at theirdomain

John Clement johnedwardclement at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 20 18:52:22 CEST 2006

I've setup mailman with qmail, using lists.domain.com so it works, then 
setup aliases for lists so we can still have ourlist at domain.com rather than 
ourlist at lists.domain.com, I've also added this to mailman's config so itss 
happy accepting posts to domain.com.

The only problem I have now is when a member receives a post they receive it 

[listname] listname at domain.com list posting.
listname-bounce at lists.domain.com on behalf of (orig poster)

I'd like to change listname-bounce at lists.domain.com to 
listname-admin at domain.com

I can find info on customising pretty much everything else but this! Any 

Thanks - jc

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