[Mailman-Users] Web refreshes but does not apply changes

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Tue Jul 25 23:06:10 CEST 2006

Tony Stocker sent the message below at 13:34 7/25/2006:
>I'm setting up Mailman and have a bit of a difficulty.  I've sent a
>'subscribe' email to a list, and received back that it's awaiting
>admin approval.  I login to the web page, go to the Pending Requests
>section and see the subscribe request.  I then click the accept radio
>button and the Submit All Data.  But all that happens is that I get a
>security warning window about encrypted communication and the web page
>refreshes and resets itself.  I can't find anything in the httpd log
>files, the mailman log files, or the system log files that explain why
>this happens.  This happens no matter which action button I choose,
>accept, decline, etc.
>I've installed packages rather than compiled from scratch so here are
>my relevant version stats:
>Also this appears there is a similar problem when I go to list
>management and attempt to add addresses via the mass subscriptions.
>In this case, I fill in the information and choose submit changes, and
>then it just blanks out the entries and presents the page again.
>FWIW: I have added a change to the httpd.conf file to rewrite all
>http: requests to https: requests.
>Any ideas?
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