[Mailman-Users] Add and Removelist from .txt file

Catherine Maxwell catmaxx at berrach.com
Thu Jul 27 05:57:18 CEST 2006

Try something like this:

     bin/remove_members -f /path/to/file --fromall -n -N

That will remove members listed in the "/path/to/file" from "all 
lists" without sending user or admin acknowledgements.

Hint1: Backup your lists.
Hint2: Don't put your text file inside your /bin directory. You can 
have it located anywhere on your server, e.g., /home/www/subsfile.txt


At 10:22 PM 7/26/2006, Eric Oye wrote:
>Thanks for the help, i had try the remove command you provide. It do help for
>removing members from list to list. But wat if i have lots of list in my
>server. Is impossible for me to remove the members by entering the list name
>one by one.
>bin/remove_members -f /path/to/textfile -n -N listname
>THis command sure can delete member by retreive the email address from the
>text file. But it just can delete by entering one list name at a time. I had
>try to put all the email address in a text file name membersname.txt while
>enter all the list i have in a text file name listname.txt. Below is the
>command i came out with, but it doesn't work.
>bin/remove_members -f bin/membersname.txt -n -N -f bin/listname.txt
>Does anyone have the solution to solve my problem. I wan to delete members
>that i enter in a text file and need the server to search for the correct
>list to delete them but not manually find the list to delete members. Thanks
>fort the support.

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