[Mailman-Users] Stop Already Subscribed Message

Ki Song ki at knifecenter.com
Fri Jul 28 15:56:12 CEST 2006

> Ki Song wrote:
>> I recently installed mailman.
>> How do I stop mailman from sending a confirmation e-mail if the e-mail
>> address is already subscribed to the list?
>> Right now, a message is sent stating that the e-mail address is already
>> subscribed.
> First, this only happens when the subscribe attempt is from the web. If
> it is by email, the email command results just say you are already
> subscribed.

May I should have clarified: This is an announce-only list where we are
sending out monthly newsletters to our customers. Therefore, they have no
idea that there is a "webpage" that allows them to setup their account or to
modify their subscription settings. Basically, they have no idea that it is
mailman that they are using.
I just setup an html form that automatically sends an e-mail to the
list-subscribe at domain.com e-mail address to subscribe and sends an e-mail to
list-leave at domain.com e-mail address to unsubscribe users.
They have no interaction with the default mailman web interface.

> That said, Mailman's behavior when an attempt is made to subscribe a
> member depends on the setting of Privacy options...->Subscription
> rules->private_roster.
> If the roster can be viewed by anyone, the web subscribe interface will
> simply report that you are already a member.
> If however, the roster can be viewed only by list members or the admin,
> we do not report that you are already a member because this may be an
> attempt by a third party to determine if you are a member, and we
> notify the member to alert the member that someone may be 'probing'
> for her list membership.
> So the answer to your question is make the list roster viewable by
> anyone. If you don't want to do that (because of potential spam
> harvesting or other reasons), you'll have to hack the code in
> Mailman/Cgi/Subscribe.py.

Since I do not want the e-mail list to be viewable by potential spam
harvesters, or even  the other subscribers, for that matter, I do not want
the list roster to be viewable by anyone other than myself.

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