[Mailman-Users] partial (silent) non-delivery

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Jun 5 18:36:08 CEST 2006

At 4:22 PM +0100 2006-06-05, David Lee wrote:

>  Yes it is that "sometimes" which is baffling.  An email to the list failed
>  (as described, with that set of symptoms) this morning.  A repost
>  (admittedly slightly edited)  to appease those who would complain of
>  double receipt worked (all symptoms gone).

	The more I see about this, the more I suspect that some sort of 
arcane bug is being triggered in Mailman or one of the Python 

>  Shall I zip up the logs and email them to you off-list?  (I've had a good
>  look through them, but you may still spot something I've missed.)

	Complete copies of sample messages that get munged versus 
messages that go through unharmed might help, as well as copies of 
messages that went before and after each incident.  Combined with 
additional log information, this might let us figure out what's going 

>  Are there any debug/log/trace things/flags/switches that I could enable?

	Regretfully, Mailman doesn't have any additional debug facilities 
that are not already turned on.  You might be able to add some 
additional Python code to cause additional information to be logged, 
but it will take time to narrow down precisely where that additional 
code would be needed.

	I'm hoping that more extensive debugging facilities is something 
that can be addressed in Mailman 2.2, or at least in Mailman3.

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