[Mailman-Users] delate all bounces....

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jun 7 16:43:56 CEST 2006

kalin mintchev wrote:
>> the former. i don't see the BounceRunner in the mailman processes and will
>> start it through mailmanctl but i remember reading somewhere that that
>> daemon should run every 15 min?!?  by default?!

That was Mailman 2.0.x. Mailman 2.1 uses the mailmanctl daemon instead.

>ok. i did restart the daemons. but is till don't see BounceRunner in the
>ps list....

Did you do this cleanly? See

There is some problem with BounceRunner. What's in Mailman's qrunner
log and error log?

BTW, if those bounces in qfiles/bounces are old, you can just delete
them (one of them may be the problem). In fact, it would be a good
idea after resolving your original BounceRunner problem to just remove
the qfiles/bounces/ directory itself and let Mailman recreate it in
order to "shrink" it.

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