[Mailman-Users] problems in posting to a list

Harold Goldstein mdbiker at goldray.com
Wed Jun 14 23:18:54 CEST 2006

i am an administrator (but i didn't install it nor do i have access to the 
server) of an announcement only mailing list.

despite having 3 addresses listed as administrator and moderator, we have 
only been able to use one address to post. that was ok till last week when 
we were subject to a spoofing attack appearing to come from that address.

i removed that address, having forgotten about the problem in posting from 
the others. now i cannot post to the list at all even though i returned the 
removed address.

for each i get back a "this is an announcement list - send your email to 
xxxx for posting" and now even xxxx cannot post.

so the problem is that even though listed as admin/mod i cannot post.
(i can get around this by holding posts and then approving them but i'd 
rather post directly)


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