[Mailman-Users] mail problems with initial configuration.

Dickson, Paul PDICKSON at fredco-md.net
Thu Jun 15 20:06:02 CEST 2006

I'm using the most recent mailman

Sendmail 2.0.x  most recent

Sendmail and mailman are running on RH linux E 3.0 rev3


Reports to my self as the list admin come to me fine, but replies don't.
They used to bounce until I edited my aliases file as such(just to test
if that was the issue)


test2-request:  mailman

test2:          mailman

test2-bounces:  mailman


Now they just disappear of into another land.  I don't see them in the
sendmail queue or in my exchange server queue.


I have noticed that mailman doesn't have a mail file under
/var/spool/mail, and am wondering if that is the missing piece and how
to create it.  I've tried manually mailing mailman from the command line
to see that would create it, but it does not.



Does anyone have any idea where I can look?  I've read the manual a few
times looking for things I might have missed, and looked through the faq
for related issues to no avail.



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