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Uthra Rao urao at pop200.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Jun 20 22:08:07 CEST 2006

At 03:33 PM 6/20/2006, you wrote:
>On 6/20/06, Uthra Rao <urao at pop200.gsfc.nasa.gov> wrote:
>>I only created /usr/lib/mailman/archives/public directory and that is
>>empty. I don't have a /usr/lib/mailman/archives/private/list.mbox/list.mbox
>Is Mailman install set to archive?
>('DEFAULT_ARCHIVE' -- This is 'On' in Defaults.py, but it might be
>changed there (bad) or in mm_cfg.py (good, but still the problem, if
>it's so))


>What is the actual value of ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX ?

-------> ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX = 2

>Are you using an external archiver? (Check PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER
>and PRIVATE_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER. Both should be 'No')


>>When I go to the admin web interface of my mailing list and click on the
>>link "Go to List Archives" I see the following.
>>Archive View by: Downloadable version
>>June 2006:
>>Thread ]
>>Subject ]
>>Author ]
>><http://jacobi.gsfc.nasa.gov/pipermail/newlist/2006-June/date.html>[ Date ]
>><http://jacobi.gsfc.nasa.gov/pipermail/newlist/2006-June.txt.gz>[ Gzip'd
>>Text 415 bytes ]
>Do these links go anywhere meaningful for you?

--------> Yes these links go to the messages that were posted in this 
mailing list.

>P.s., please CC the list on all replies so that others may offer
>suggestions, which will probably be better than mine.
>- Patrick Bogen

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