[Mailman-Users] Not your usual "Premature end of script headers" email

Mickey Chandler mailmandev at whizardries.com
Tue Jun 20 23:32:46 CEST 2006

At 03:59 PM 6/20/2006, Patrick Bogen wrote:
 >On 6/20/06, Mickey Chandler <mailmandev at whizardries.com> wrote:
 >> All of a sudden, we can't log in to the admin page for one and only
 >> one of the lists.  We get the 500 Server Error page and the error log
 >> reads: "Premature end of script headers: admin"
 >> The FAQ says that this should be a compile issue and that I should
 >> retry building things with the proper GID.  That tells me that
 >> logging in to any of the lists should cause the error.  But, it's
 >> just this one list.  And I've tried that already anyway.  The error
 >> is still there.
 >> Does anyone have any ideas as to why I'd see this error one just one list?
 >Have you tried something like check_perms ?

Yes.  It said that a couple of the internationalization files had the 
wrong permissions.  Those have been fixed.  The error persists.

 >Also, did you try what the FAQ suggested, just for kicks?

You mean rebuilding with the proper GID?  Yeah.  It's what I meant 
when I said "And I've tried that already anyway."

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