[Mailman-Users] Mailman only sending out some messages...

Jamie Glendinning jamie_glendinning at work2fly.co.uk
Fri Jun 23 17:53:06 CEST 2006


Our paragliding club has a webhosting setup using cpanel.
We are using the mailman mailing list service to attempt to run a mailing list to all our users.
mailman version: 2.1.7.cp2

Most mails are going out - but randomly mails are going missing.
all mail appear in the mailman archive.
all mail info is sent out in digest mode.

we have been getting a large amount of bounced message count on most accounts withing mailman.

we have about 270 addresses on the list. my feeling is that the mailgateway/mta struggles to cope with mailman firing all the messages at it - it bounces messages back to mailman which then increases that users bounce count. eventually locking them out.

as the server is using cpanel - I can't seem to see any log files...

has anyone seen this issue before or has any suggestions as to how I can resolve/help my isp resolve the issue?



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