[Mailman-Users] Batch delete admin requests

Farokh Irani farokh at mcfsoftware.com
Sat Jun 24 16:34:23 CEST 2006

>  Yes, I would LOVE to update to a newer version but I am not sure what
>  'special' things Apple has done on their 'stock' install of Mailman
>  on Server.

I've been playing with upgrading the 2.1.5 that comes with OS X to 
2.1.8 and it seemed to work OK except that the update script claimed 
that there were no lists to update. Fortunately I only had one list 
since this was a test setup. When I launched the OS X Server admin 
app, it showed no lists at all. I stopped and started the mailing 
lists, and it recreated the mailman list and all seems to be ok. I'm 
trying to look at the various scripts to see why update couldn't find 
any lists.

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