[Mailman-Users] Probems sending from gmail

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jun 27 23:15:06 CEST 2006

Karl Zander wrote:
>We have noticed a problems with gmail accounts.  Someone 
>posting  a message from a gmail account to a list will not 
>get a copy of their message back.  The message goes to the 
>list fine and even other gmail accounts will get the 
>message.  Its the sender on gmail that will not get a copy 
>of their message.
>We have examined the smtp logs and the message is going 
>back to gmail and gmail says it got it OK during the smtp 
>dialog.  But the message never makes it into the Inbox or 
>even the spam box.
>Any known problems with gmail and Mailman?  Using Mailman 
>2.1.7 on CentOS-4.3.

This is not a gmail/Mailman issue. It is a gmail feature. Gmail
recognizes it already has a copy of that message (same message ID i
think) in the conversation and doesn't think you need to see it again.

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