[Mailman-Users] move mail lists from Solaris to redhat

Uthra Rao urao at pop200.gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Jun 28 15:16:38 CEST 2006

We are also migrating our mailing lists from solaris (Majordomo) to Red Hat 
Linux (Mailman). I am planning to use the mailing list web admin "mass 
subscription" upload file feature to load the mailing list to the new server.


At 08:47 AM 6/28/2006, you wrote:
>Currently we have mailman running on an old Sun sparc with Solaris 8.
>I installed mailman on a new linux server with Redhat 4. I did some
>tests and mailman seems to work fine on the new system with newly
>created lists. The next step is to move the mail lists from the Solaris
>system to the Redat system. Does someone has done this before?
>Can I just move the content of the lists, archive/public and
>archive/private folders? I noticed that Linux is using sometimes a
>different file extension than on Sun. As an example config.pck is found
>on linux and config.db is found on Solaris
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