[Mailman-Users] move mail lists from Solaris to redhat

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jun 29 07:08:07 CEST 2006

Christopher Adams wrote:

>What about archives/public directory? Does that have to be moved?

There needs to be an archives/public/ directory on the new host, but
since Mailman is already installed there, one would have been created
during the install process. WRT the actual archives/public/<list>
symlinks, these are checked and added or deleted as necessary each
time the list is accessed, because you might have changed the list
from public to private or vice versa. What I said in my post was:

>> The symlinks in archives/public/ will be
>> regenerated by Mailman as the lists are accessed, but you can move
>> them if you want if the paths are correct.

>Originally, I thought of just tarballing/gzipping the entire mailman
>directory and moving the whole thing to the new server. There would be no
>URL change, so possibly would just require some tweaking of the GIDs and
>paths. Would that be a good way to approach a migration or is it

This is a way to do it if you want the same Mailman version on the new
box and if the hardware/OS is similar enough that the compiled and
linked, C source wrappers (cgi-bin/* and mail/mailman) will work. The
advantage of this approach, assuming you stop Mailman and incoming
mail and the web server before making the tarball, is you get
everything including held messages and pending requests.

If you don't shut everything down, you run the risk of the tarball not
being self consistent. Stopping Mailman is not enough as incoming mail
will still invoke the wrapper and be queued in Mailman and web changes
can still be made. Plus, if you shut off the incoming MTA, any
incoming posts or other mail will just be queued in the sending MTAs
until you're back online.

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