[Mailman-Users] KNOWN_USERS + SpamAssassin discarding lots of mail

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Mar 1 02:01:05 CET 2006

Joel Heenan wrote:
>I have in my mm_cfg.py :
>KNOWN_SPAMMERS = [('X-Spam-Status', 'Yes')]
>But for some reason this is discarding lots of mail. Is there some way I
>can turn up the debugging so I can see why these messages are being
>discarded? Where do these discarded messages go?

The messages are being discarded because they have an

X-Spam-Status: Yes

(case insensitive) header. The Message-IDs are logged in the vette log
with the message 'Message discarded, msgid: %s' where %s is replaced
by the message-id or 'n/a' if there isn't one. There is no debugging
knob other than modifying the code. The discarded messages evaporate
without a trace.

If you really think this is resulting in messages being discarded that
shouldn't be, I suggest you remove the KNOWN_SPAMMERS entry from
mm_cfg.py and instead, put


in header_filter_rules for some of the problem lists with action Hold.
That way you'll get to see the messages.

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