[Mailman-Users] MGCP + Reg CallId in CRCX

Jim Popovitch jimpop at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 09:50:14 CET 2006

geetha wrote:
> Actually I am new to this MGCP protocol.I am reading RFC 3435 for the
> first time.

Great!  Everyone has to start off somewhere.

> I am framing test cases also parallely.So kindly clarify my doubt.

Well, I suggest that you contact the manufacturer, of the equipment in 
question, and ask them for a document on their "best practices" 
implementation.  Using that doc you should be able to easily define test 
parameters necessary to ensure a successful implementation.

Just out of curiosity, what does your interest in MGCP have to do with 
Mailman? :-)  I'm sure a lot of people are wondering this too. ;-)

-Jim P.

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