[Mailman-Users] Bounce issues with Yahoo

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Wed Mar 1 21:52:39 CET 2006

Greg Lindahl wrote:
>Yahoo is delaying delivery of mail from my domain because I look like
>I'm spamming them -- my machine sends a lot of email to non-existent
>Yahoo users. Well, that's because I get a lot of incoming spam from
>fake Yahoo accounts to my Mailman, and I have it configured to send
>back a "you aren't a member" message.
>Is there any way to suppress "you aren't a member" only for Yahoo
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Why not disable those notification messages completely and discard the 
incoming messages from nonmembers?

That is what I do on my lists.

My reasoning behind this is that if there is any mail from a nonmember, 
99.99% of the time it's a spammer that has sent that message. By silently 
discarding it, I am not confirming for them that there is a live e-mail 
address there and (hopefully) reducing the number of attempts to spam the 
address in the future. The very few remaining posts after the spam are 
usually because somebody has e-mailed something with the list address as a 
recipient to a non-member and that non-member has done a reply-to-all.

Either way, it's not something that I care about nor is it something that I 
believe needs an explanatory message sent back to the sender.

Just my thoughts on the matter, I think it makes life simpler.


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