[Mailman-Users] Bounce issues with Yahoo

Jonathan Dill jonathan at nerds.net
Wed Mar 1 23:43:07 CET 2006

Are you getting explicit REJECT messages from Yahoo! or some other error?

For what it's worth, I think Yahoo may have changed something internally 
lately, like their DNS MX records, you may want to check out what 
address your MTA is trying to send the messages to and compare to dig or 
nslookup for the Yahoo MX records.  Maybe you have some stale DNS info, 
or old messages in the queue that are trying to send to the wrong address.

You may also want to check out some of the RBL lists to find out if you 
are on any of them, there are some very good multi-RBL search tools out 
there.  Chances are that Yahoo! is rejecting you based on RBL data from 
someone else and not their own internal data.  Google "RBL lookup tool" 
or try one of these:


Greg Lindahl wrote:
> Yahoo is delaying delivery of mail from my domain because I look like
> I'm spamming them -- my machine sends a lot of email to non-existent
> Yahoo users. Well, that's because I get a lot of incoming spam from
> fake Yahoo accounts to my Mailman, and I have it configured to send
> back a "you aren't a member" message.

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