[Mailman-Users] Bounce issues with Yahoo

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Mar 2 00:44:36 CET 2006

At 3:03 PM -0800 2006-03-01, Greg Lindahl wrote:

>>  In all fairness, your comment about your years of
>>  experience was the first rude thing.
>  Ah, I see. So unsolicited and unwanted advice is OK, but explaining
>  why my policy opinions are strongly held is rude? All I was aiming at
>  was avoiding a non-constructive discussion.

	I think there may have been better ways to try to get people to 
focus on answering the technical question and get away from the 
policy issues, but it would also have helped if you had consulted the 
FAQ Wizard and the list archives before posting.

	I think there's enough blame to go around on this issue.

>>  When you ask for
>>  help, you are throwing yourselves on our mercy, as it were-
>  Uh, that's not the way I treat either professional tech support or
>  open-source mailing lists. I guess I'm in a minority in the Mailman
>  community.

	I don't think that the Mailman community is radically different 
from other open-source communities I know of.  We have our share of 
people who have certain strongly held beliefs and refuse to accept 
that any other beliefs could possibly be held with any validity, and 
we have our share of people who are always extremely helpful and even 
usually avoid pointing out obvious oversights like failing to check 
the FAQ.

	As I said before, please don't judge the whole group by the 
actions of a few, especially just one or two.

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