[Mailman-Users] admin email interface

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Mar 2 19:02:34 CET 2006

Tony Bibbs wrote:
>Even if you create an API to use the command line,
>don't you still have a problem because you can't set
>all the list attributes that you can via the web
>interface, right?

Any list attribute that can be set via the web interface can be set via
config_list. Just write the appropriate settings to a file and invoke
config_list with that file as input.

>Given that, how is the mailing list data stored?  I
>wouldn't suppose I'd be lucky to find the data is
>stored in a flat file that is easy enough to work with

No. The data are stored as a Python pickle of the mail list instance in

Of course, you can use things like bin/config_list and bin/list_members
to write the data as a flat file.

Once you start talking about manipulating the list object directly,
you're really talking about modifying/rewriting the existing web CGI
interface. You might want to consider modifying the front end of the
existing CGI scripts rather that trying to link the back end of your
own stuff. 

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