[Mailman-Users] Bounce issues with Yahoo

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Mar 2 22:04:59 CET 2006

At 12:16 PM -0800 2006-03-02, Harold Paulson wrote:

>  Do you really have a *policy* to accept messages that you will never
>  deliver, save them to disk, and then generate reject messages for them?

	How could the MTA possibly know that the MLM would choose to 
reject those messages because the sender is not a subscriber?  Or 
that the MLM might choose to hold those messages for moderation, 
because the sender is not a subscriber.

	These are concepts that are totally beyond the scope of the MTA. 
There is nothing the MTA can do for you here.

>  Or is that simply the way your MTA+MLM is configured by default?

	As far as the MTA is concerned, they are *ALL* configured this 
way -- assuming that all the appropriate anti-spam and authorization 
checks have been passed, they detect that the recipient is a mailing 
list, then hand the message over to the MLM.

	That's it.  That's pretty much all that an MTA is capable of at this level.

>                                                                    Is
>  that *policy* really any different from your standpoint, from rejecting
>  undeliverable messages during SMTP?

	The policy you are proposing is null and void, because the 
software in question is not physically capable of acting in the 
manner you suggest.

	Before chastising others so violently in public, you might do 
well to better learn how MTAs and MLMs really work, so that you can 
at least make accurate claims about what you believe that the 
software in question should be configured to do.

>  It would not be inconsistent with your current MLM policy.  It is
>  simply a better mechanism for implementing it, a better MTA policy, and
>  better netizenship to boot.

	Go back to basics, learn how MTAs and MLMs actually work.

	Then you are free to come back and tell us what you think the 
right solution is.

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