[Mailman-Users] Mailman running on SMTP gateway

Aaron Bento abento at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 23:34:06 CET 2006

How is everyone today?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience in installing and running
mailman on a sendmail-based smtp gateway. I've looked in multiple places,
including the FAQ and the archives. If anyone has any pointers, it would be
very much appreciated.

We are migrating from a linux based sendmail server to exchange. The current
sendmail server will be the future smtp gateway, and I plan on forwarding
all user email to the internal exchange server through the use of a
mailertable entry. The sendmail server will have no users on it.

This server however does have a handful of email lists for the company. I'd
like to keep this in place. Does anyone know of a way to send the various
aliases through to the mailman binaries, but send the remainder of the
traffic to the internal mail server?

I've built a test environment, and can't seem to get it right. This might be
more of a sendmail issue between alias and mailertable precedence, but I
figure someone from here may have run into this.

Thank you in advance for any assistance or links.


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