[Mailman-Users] Password requests

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 3 02:34:27 CET 2006

John Holley wrote:
>I have a couple of lists where one of the accounts subscribed is a  
>global account for an organisation e.g. it sends a message to all  
>staff. So if a staff member goes to the list and then clicks on the  
>Password Reminder the password is mailed to all staff!
>Is it possible to stop specific list members from requesting passwords?

I don't think there's any way to configure a password request block on
certain member addresses only short of modifying the code, and you
can't really block all members either short of diverting the reminders
by making the list an umbrella list.

The closest you can come I think is the following:

Say one of your lists is list1 at example.com and the global address
(maybe a Mailman list or maybe some other mail_all_staff address) is
staff at example.com, then you can make a new list, say
list1-sub-list at example.com and subscribe all the people of list1 but
not 'staff' to list1-sub-list. Then remove all the people from list1,
and change list1 to an umbrella list and subscribe list1-sub-list to
it (staff is still subscribed).

Now the list1 at example.com list has two members -
list1-sub-list at example.com and staff at example.com. Password reminders
will be sent to list1-sub-list-owner at example.com and
staff-owner at example.com (or whatever based on umbrella_member_suffix
for list1 so that problem is solved, but other problems are created so
this may not be viable. Namely, individuals still post to list1, but
they are actually members of and get their reminders from and set
their options for list1-sub-list, so they are aware of it. If they can
post to it, then staff don't receive the post.

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