[Mailman-Users] Spam check and bounced email's body

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Fri Mar 3 12:04:46 CET 2006

Hi Mark,
I understand.

The solution I'm looking is to hack the code to not send the body of
the differed/rejected email.

It would be nice to hace and option for this, since anti-spam software
get installed more and more every day.

Thanks for your reply,

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Oliver Schulze L. wrote:
>> My question is:
>> how can I configure mailman to not sent the body of the email in the 
>> notification
>> to the owner of the list?
> You can turn off admin_immed_notify so the admin/moderator only gets a
> daily summary of held posts. There's no other option for it.
> If the daily summary is not sufficient, you could increase the
> frequency of the cron/checkdbs job in mailman's crontab.

Oliver Schulze L.
<oliver at samera.com.py>

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