[Mailman-Users] Large site mailman config

George Barnett george at alink.co.za
Fri Mar 3 13:13:18 CET 2006

Brad Knowles wrote:

>  What do you mean by "wedge"?  Which process(es) is/are failing or 
> getting "wedged"?

The processes dont seem to be failing.  New list mail is delivered fine, 
but what's 'stuck' in the queue doesn't leave until a restart which 
effectively does a queue run.

>     For the mailing lists hosted on python.org (including the 
> mailman-users mailing list), we have not found it necessary to modify 
> the default QRUNNERS values.

These were increased after some queues were getting more full than 
others.  Changing these values did help, but I suspect it's fixed the 
symptoms rather than the problem.

>     I can't speak for any other Mailman site.
>>  # Default queue stuff is shite.
>>  DELIVERY_RETRY_WAIT=minutes(10)
>>  # Max recipients for each message
>>  SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 150
>>  # Max messages sent in each SMTP connection
>     Again, for the mailing lists for python.org, we haven't found it 
> necessary to modify any of these values from their defaults set in 
> Defaults.py.

I found this information from the faq on python.org.  Our traffic 
pattern is very bursty.  Lists are small, maybe 25 users per list, but 
when traffic comes in, it's alot at the same time (monitoring mails).

>     Most of my work in doing performance tuning for python.org has been 
> within the MTA, and I've tried to make as much of that information 
> available in the FAQ Wizard -- search for "performance".

MTA has been tweaked to quite some degree.

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