[Mailman-Users] Log analysis

Roger Favero roger at apf.it
Fri Mar 3 14:57:12 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro ha scritto:

>It's Mailman patch 1123383 at
>It's also referenced in the FAQ at
>And, since 2.1.7 it is in the contrib directory in the distribution,
>although the one on Sourceforge is more up to date than the 2.1.7
thanks a lot for you answer. I downloaded the script and, after a few 
modification for customisation reason, it runs very well. But now I have 
a problem: I found out that my mailman post log is stop to the begin of 
february and I don't know why. The other log files (smtp, smtp-failure, 
ubscribe, vette, ......) are correctly updated to today. What could be 
happen? For sure I wrong somethig, but I can not understand what! :-(

Thanks a lot in advance for you kind answer.

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