[Mailman-Users] Large site mailman config

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 3 20:58:03 CET 2006

George Barnett wrote:
>We have the following relevant options set:
>     ('ArchRunner',     4), # messages for the archiver
>     ('BounceRunner',   2), # for processing the qfile/bounces directory
>     ('CommandRunner',  1), # commands and bounces from the outside world
>     ('IncomingRunner', 4), # posts from the outside world
>     ('NewsRunner',     1), # outgoing messages to the nntpd
>     ('OutgoingRunner', 4), # outgoing messages to the smtpd
>     ('VirginRunner',   1), # internally crafted (virgin birth) messages
>     ('RetryRunner',    3), # retry temporarily failed deliveries
>     ]

I doubt this is the whole problem, but the number of slices must be a
power of two even though this isn't checked - i.e., your configuration
will be accepted, but there may be issues with the retry queue.

Also, you said later in the thread that processes don't seem to be
failing. I assume you've checked both Mailman's 'error' and 'qrunner'
logs and also 'ps' when you have a problem to see that all the runners
are still there.

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