[Mailman-Users] Importing Archives Not Working

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 3 21:39:35 CET 2006

Karl Zander wrote:
>We have messages in mbox format that we want to import.
>As per 5.1 from the FAQ, we used
>  bin/arch <list> archives/private/<list>.mbox/<list>.mbox
>where <list> is our list name.  We did create the list 
>before  attempting to import.
>Running arch gives this,
>Pickling archive state into 
>then seems to return without any errors or other messages.

That should be the final message from bin/arch. If there are no
messages at all preceding that, then either there are no messages in
archives/private/<list>.mbox/<list>.mbox or it is not in the expected

Also, archives/private/<list>.mbox/<list>.mbox is the default input
file for bin/arch, so the command above is equivalent to just

  bin/arch <list>

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