[Mailman-Users] Redirect all -bounce emails

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 3 22:53:25 CET 2006

Wayne Ribbens quotes me:

><There are two obvious ways that jump to mind.
>The first, which will address the bounce issue for all mail, is the 
>following code at the beginning of the process() function in 
>    # Calculate the non-VERP envelope sender.
>    envsender = msgdata.get('envsender')
>    if envsender is None:
>        if mlist:
>            envsender = mlist.GetBouncesEmail()
>        else:
>            envsender = Utils.get_site_email(extra='bounces')
>which could simply be replaced by something like
>    # Envelope sender (bounces) is always the site list.
>    envsender = 'mailman at name.com'>

and adds:

>I put in
>    envsender = 'catchbounces at domain.com'
>where the address was a valid address and nothing changes.

What does 'nothing changes' mean in this context? What was happening
before that you wanted to change, but is still happening?

>Do I have to do anything besides modify SMTPDirect.py to make this work?

Assuming you haven't changed DELIVERY_MODULE in mm_cfg.py, that should
cause bounces from all but the most pathological MTAs to be returned
to the catchbounces at domain.com address.

Are you sure you patched the correct SMTPDirect.py, i.e. the one in the
installation  hierarchy and not in the unpack/configure hierarchy?

You do have to do 'bin/mailmanctl restart' following this change.

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