[Mailman-Users] Archive not updating properly

Camberwell camberwell at camberwellcarrot.net
Mon Mar 6 01:03:06 CET 2006

Hi there,

I'm using Fedora Core 3 and Mailman 2.1.7, when i first installed it 
everything was fine. then one day i noticed 2 sets of python mailman 
process's running in the process list, so i did..

service mailman stop

looked at the process's again and there was still a set of mailman 
process's there, so i had to kill it.
i did "service mailman start" and it all started up again, then noticed 
that the archive didn't have the last month on it.

i did a bit of searching and thought it maybe a permision problem so i 
went to /usr/lib/mailman/bin and ran..

[root at camberwellcarrot bin]# ./check_perms
Warning: Private archive directory is other-executable (o+x).
         This could allow other users on your system to read private 
         If you're on a shared multiuser system, you should consult the
         installation manual on how to fix this.
No problems found

and thought this isn't anything to worry about as this isn't a public 
server, so next i ran arch and found
/usr/lib/mailman/archives/public/<list-name> is updating
/var/lib/mailman/archive/public/<list-name> is not

does anyone have a suggestion as to why /var/lib/archive is not updating???

Thanks in advance


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