[Mailman-Users] Mailman stopped passing messages and new lists don't appear

Andrew Steele andrew at cnet.org
Mon Mar 6 21:17:47 CET 2006

We have experienced a suddne problem with our Mailman installation.  

All was well last Friday, but by today, Monday, I find the following 

1.  No messages sent to any list are distributed.

2.  New lists can be created from within the linux shell and appear to be 
correctly configured.

3.  New lists created in the shell do not appear in the admin or listinfo 
pages in a web browser.

Since was well previously I'm considering that the problem has arisen as 
a result of difficulties at our ISP.  However, they are proving 
unresponsive at this point so I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a 
course of action to diagnose the problem and then apply whatever solution 

Thanks in advance...

Andrew Steele

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