[Mailman-Users] Building an announce list

Matthew Clarkson matt at mail.netera.ca
Tue Mar 7 18:13:58 CET 2006

We are currently transitioning from majordomo to mailman.  Anyways, we 
create announce lists in majordomo by a custom script which will take 
all the lists and concatenate them into one file, order them by 
alphabetical order, and then run unique to remove duplicates.
I was wondering if there is anyway that mailman can do something similar 
by a built in function (I can't find one).  If not, is there any way 
that I can by command line, extract all the address' associated with a 
list and then run our same script on it, and then inject the address' 
into another list (the announce list in this case)?

Thanks in advance
Matthew Clarkson

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