[Mailman-Users] Adding a customised Footer & Header to mailman.

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Mar 8 05:35:13 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Steven Jones wrote:
>>I can see mailman adds some text onto each email, can this be set to do
>>something more comprehensive? Like fancy company logos and such got from
>>another location (database, mount point or something)?
>Unless you are willing to modify code or create your own custom handler
>to do this, the answer is no. There are ways (see
>to imbed things which 'look like' HTML into message and digest headers
>and footers, but these things wind up in text/plain message parts, so
>they will never be rendered as HTML.

One thing you can do is put a uuencoded .jpg, .gif, .png, etc. image
in, for example, msg_header. What happens then is highly dependent on
the MUA used to read the mail. Since the OP mentioned 'exchange', we
might be talking 'lookout', er, I mean 'outlook' which might just
render such a thing inline and make management happy, at least until
clients/customers with real MUAs started complaining about all the
unintelligible garbage at the start of the email. (Forgive the sarcasm
please, my biases are showing.)

Note that you'd still have to use the methods of FAQ 3.52 to set the
uuencoded data in the headers/footers, as uuencoded data contains
characters that will be HTML escaped if added via the web interface.

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