[Mailman-Users] 1 email for multiple email-list recipients onsame server?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Mar 9 17:20:59 CET 2006

Matt England wrote:
>Mailman has the capability via ("Avoid duplicate copies of messages?") to 
>determine when email is being sent to an external user that's on its 
>subscription list; why not use the same/similar mechanism to check the 
>duplications on other subscription lists?

It would be much more complicated. It's pretty easy for lista's
delivery to look at the To: and Cc: headers of the message it's
delivering to see if the lista member is in those headers.

Now suppose it finds listb and listc in those headers. It would then
have to look at the members of those lists and see if the current
delivery candidate is a member of one of those lists, has delivery
enabled on that list and is receiving messages and not digests from
that list. And then if it did all those things and decided not to
deliver, presumably listb and listc would do the same thing and not
deliver either and the user would receive 0 emails.

for some ideas about how to build unduplicated 'super lists' that can
be used to post to the members of more than one list.

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