[Mailman-Users] subscription request as recieved, but nothing further happens (randomly)

Geoff Deering geoff at deering.id.au
Fri Mar 10 05:16:40 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Geoff Deering wrote:
>>I have Mailman 2.16 installed on a server.  It seems to behaving 
>>erratically by only subscribing people randomly, some subscriptions are 
>>processed without problems.  I can't find what is happening with the 
>>failed attempts to subscribe.  It's acknowledging the subscription 
>>request as recieved, but there is no trace of it in the system and 
>>nothing further happens.
>Acknowledging in what way? By email? What does the email say?
>What is the list's Privacy options...->Subscription

Hi Mark,

Thanks for enquiring to my problem.  I have now actually read the logs 
and seen that there are attempts to subscribe where some are processed 
and others fail.  I am still working on it, but I think the problem is 
that the list is running on a sub domain and it does not resolve to the 
SMTP server on the primary domain.  It also does not work all the time 
when it is declared on the sub domain also.  I have played with this a 
bit, but I am going to move the list to the primary domain, as another 
test server on the main domain seems to work okay.  Strangely, when I 
set this up first on the sub domain I had no problem.  I'm thinking that 
maybe I am getting timeouts from sub/virtual domain resolution.  Hope 
that makes sense. 


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