[Mailman-Users] link to archive in email?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 10 05:43:09 CET 2006

Steve Ravet wrote:

>I'd like to configure Mailman to add a link to the footer of each post
>that points to that post in the archive.  My thought is that this will
>make it easier for people to refresh their memory of the context of the
>thread before replying.  I spent a couple hours reading FAQs and
>searching the archives of this list and learned some useful things about
>content filtering that I didn't know, but I didn't see the answer to
>this question.  I currently have 2.1.5 installed, I will try to get the
>server owner to update this installation.

This has been discussed before on this list. There is a recent thread

There is also an existing RFE at

Basically, it is not possible to do this given current Mailman
architecture. Archiving is handed off to a separate queue handled by a
separate qrunner so it isn't possible for the post delivery path to
know what the archive URL will be.

Many advantages would accrue, this being one of them, if archiving were
changed so that a unique archive URL is calculated from the content of
the message, but this is still in the future.

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