[Mailman-Users] list moderation via email

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 10 16:08:04 CET 2006

Andre Tann wrote:
>Is it possible to accept and reject mails and memberships by email? 

If you set admin_immed_notify to Yes on the list's General Options
page, the admins/moderators receive individual notifications of held
posts. These notices contain an attached message with a subject like

Subject: confirm d3d1ca983ecb49cccefe92ed238bfc97bc862f70

and sender and from like
Sender: listname-request at example.com
From: listname-request at example.com

If you reply to that address with that subject the request will either
be approved or denied depending on the presence or absence of an

Approved: <list_password>

line in either the headers or the first line of the body of the reply,
just as it says in the body of that message. Note that the password
can be either the list admin password or the list moderator password.

With many MUAs, you can just open the attached message and reply to
deny the request or add the Approved: line to the beginning of the
body and reply to accept it.

This is only for held messages. Subscription requests have to be
handled via the web.

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