[Mailman-Users] Virtual Host and Web Interface

George Booth G.Booth at usm.edu
Fri Mar 10 17:17:52 CET 2006

I'm having a "small" problem at the moment trying to get Mailman configured 
for a virtual host. Here's our situation:

Mailman resides on our mail server. In an attempt to help I/O on the mail 
server, we put our webmail on a seperate server. Thus, web requests that 
would have gone to the main mail server, mail.server.com (not the real FQDN) 
now go to webmail.server.com

This of course broke the Mailman web interface, since it still resides on 
mail.server.com, where it is redirected to the other server. In an attempt 
to correct this, our consultant decided to put a virtual domain on 
mail.server.com called mailman.server.com. Going directly to 
mailman.server.com/mailman/admin/list-name pulls up the main page of the 
list with no problem. However, all links on the page revert back to 
mail.server.com, thus web management is impossible for my users. Changing 
the url in the address bar to mailman.server.com as the base works, but I 
can't ask my users, many of whom barely know how to operate a mouse, to do 
this each time they want to click a link in the web interface.

I've changed the DEFAULT_URL_HOST in the mm_cfg.py to mailman.server.com, 
which should change everything, at least as far as I've followed in the 
documentation...but it doesn't. I've tried putting mailman.server.com in the 
VIRTUAL_HOSTS = {} entry in mm_cfg.py, but that breaks everything and puts 
up the nice "Mailman has found a bug!" page.

Am I missing something vital to change this? I thought this might also be an 
apache configuration problem, but the administrator of the box has been 
looking into it, but apparently has found nothing yet.

The server is running RedHat Linux AS3 Update 6.

I do have to wonder if the values for urlhost and hostname aren't being 
updated correctly; and, if not, where do I set this information if not with 

Thanks in advance for any insight.


George Booth     iTech System Administrator
G.Booth at usm.edu
University of Southern Mississippi 

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