[Mailman-Users] Few email ids being dropped

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Mar 12 05:48:16 CET 2006

BG Mahesh wrote:
>Mailman is using sendmail and the entries that show all the 4 ids are from
>the  sendmail log [of the mailman machine]
>But in the sendmail log file of the recepient's domain, we see only ONE id.
>Mailman version: 2.1.7
>Sendmail 8.13.5
>Redhat Linux

Then this appears to have nothing to do with Mailman. Mailman has given
the mail to sendmail with all 4 recipients and sendmail has logged all
4 recipients. The fact that the mail is only delivered to one of the
four seems to be strictly an issue between sendmail on the Mailman
machine and sendmail in the receiving domain.

You could try sending your own message (not from Mailman) with an MUA
or with sendmail directly from the Mailman machine to the same 4
recipients (one message with four recipients) and see what happens to

If that message is delivered to all four, you could try setting


in mm_cfg.py. 10 is just a guess - the default is 500. Or you could
enable personalization for the list or set


either of which will send a separate message to each recipient. But,
even if this solves your problem, it is just a workaround. The real
problem seems to be a sendmail issue.

I don't know where the best resources for sendmail support are, but try
<http://www.sendmail.org> and <news:comp.mail.sendmail>.

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