[Mailman-Users] renaming lists

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Mon Mar 13 20:00:41 CET 2006

Dave Stern wrote:
>We have a number of departments with similarly-sounding lists as well as
>some that replicate others. To streamline and simplify, I intend to rename
>some lists. The FAQ describe how to move and redirect lists but this isn't
>quite what I want. In some cases, some lists will swap names (ie ListX
>is renamed to ListY and ListY is renamed to listX so web redirect wont
>work. OTOH, it's not an issue since the web interface is just used by
>the few list admins who've already agreed to new names, web paths, perhaps
>even resetting their admin passwords). Also none of the  lists have
>With that in mind, I'm hoping I can just swap their config.pck files
>(after turning off sendmail and qrunner).  Is this doable?
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I'm sure more knowledgeable folks will correct me if I am wrong, but 
after looking at what is in the config.pck file using dumpdb, it 
seems that you could swap the files and then just go in and edit the 
list specific stuff using the web interface.

The list specific stuff are the subject header, digest and message 
header and footer, list info, goodbye message and a few other things. 
So this looks like it could be pretty simple to make it happen.


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