[Mailman-Users] qrunners exiting

George Barnett george at alink.co.za
Mon Mar 13 22:31:24 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> MAX_RESTARTS = 10 is set locally in mailmanctl AFTER it imports mm_cfg
> (and it doesn't reference mm_cfg.MAX_RESTARTS), so setting it in
> mm_cfg.py won't do anything. You have to change it in mailmanctl.

I realised this after I sent the email.  I've made the config change - 
going to see how it helps.

> say the runner exited with exit status 1 and no signal caught. They
> don't do this on their own without writing an 'error' log entry. In
> this case, there "should be" something like
>   child process leaked thru: OutgoingRunner
> in the error log if OutgoingRunner called exit(1), but some runners
> never call exit.

Alas, there isn't anything in the error log.  Does it make a difference 
that I have multiple queue runners running?  Eg 2 Arch runner, 2 
outgoing runners, etc.

> I don't know what's happening here if there aren't any messages in the
> 'error' log. Just a guess, but possibly you are hitting some OS limit
> on process memory or something like that. Have you checked your OS
> logs?

I haven't had a look yet - I'll do that in the morning and make sure 
nothing is there.

Thanks for your advice,


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