[Mailman-Users] Running a script on subscribe/unsubscribe?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Mar 13 22:59:07 CET 2006

Dragon wrote:
>I'm certainly willing to give this a try though, I can usually wrap 
>my head around a new programming language pretty quickly. Especially 
>if I can get some good guidance over the thorny bits.

As good as we're capable of :-)

>OK, this looks like the right path for what I want to do. It would be 
>nice if I can pass the affected e-mail address to my script so I can 
>take action on only that e-mail address. The only thing I see as 
>problematic is the case where a user changes the subscribed e-mail address.

It should be very straightforward to fork a script with command line
arguments for things like listname, email and password, and either
wait for the script to finish or let it go on its own.

The address change shouldn't be a problem because internally it is
actually an unsubscribe of the old address and a subscribe of the new
except that after subscribing the new, the options from the old are
applied to the new.

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