[Mailman-Users] Mailman List Migration to Another Server

RC maillist at contempt.rootchaos.za.net
Tue Mar 14 15:24:24 CET 2006

Hi Mark

Thanks for the resolution on the problem.

The command you specified below worked.



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RC wrote:
>I have copied those directories over to my new server and all appears to be
>working, except that I cannot see any of the lists through the web

especially the part about 'existing lists'.

>I have also modified the config.pck file though a utility called
>available in the /usr/local/mailman/bin directory to reflect the new server
>URL addresses, but that doesn't seem to have done the trick for me.

I don't know what you did with config_list (i.e., what attributes you
changed and what you changed them to - the critical one here is
web_page_url), but fix_url should do everything you need. In the
simplist case, it's just

/usr/local/mailman/bin/withlist -a -l -r fix_url

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