[Mailman-Users] Can the default message be changed?

John Franklin jfranklin at project-wombat.org
Wed Mar 15 06:15:19 CET 2006

I have a list which is configured to aggressively filter out certain  
types of message encodings and content, partially using the spam  
filtering capability. (We have a LOT of people using very old command- 
line software to read e-mail, so we keep anything out which can't be  
viewed that way.) Since list subscriptions are open, and we allow  
contributions from non-subscribers after moderator approval, there  
are a lot of posts from non-technical people who have no clue that  
there is even a difference between types of e-mail message, let alone  
that it might be desirable to use the simpler kinds. Although we send  
out instructions including a link to the excellent page at
to subscribers, not everyone who posts has subscribed, and I fear  
that most subscribers don't read the message in the first place. The  
upshot of this is that I receive many messages from people who have  
received "filter rule match" rejection notices, asking what to do. Is  
there any way to provide a custom message in place of "filter rule  
match" for spam filter rejections?

-John Franklin

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