[Mailman-Users] Embedded/Externally Linked Images as Attachments

Ryan Lewis ryan at coopwood.net
Wed Mar 15 15:56:17 CET 2006

Hello All.

My company uses and has used Mailman for quite some times now to send  
out Mailing lists.

We recently upgraded our server and in turn upgraded to 2.1.7 of  

Everything seems to be as swell as ever for our PC subscribers.

However for subscribers using Apple Mail and MS Entourage the images  
embedded in our eMails are no longer working "perfectly",  While in  
Apple Mail they all show up inline like always they are also repeated  
at the bottom of the eMail as if they were attachments and not  
external links.  I've viewed the source and see the external links  
replaced with "src=cid:par1blahblah at blah.com"  is there a way to get  
around this? A setting in the admin or setup perhaps?

Is this even Mailman doing this? I can't decide for 100% that it is,  
and am not having much luck finding anything addressing this in the  

Am I overlooking anything?

And Entourage - which I am less worried about because my boss doesn't  
use it ;) - looks like it is scrubbing the HTML all together.

Any ideas on any of this would be greatly appreciated.


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