[Mailman-Users] relaying spam using mailing lists

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Mar 15 21:09:33 CET 2006

At 11:35 AM -0800 2006-03-15, Heather Madrone wrote:

>  Don't relay mail to Mailman that you don't want Mailman to receive.
>  Install good spam filters and tune your MDA so that it won't deliver
>  scattershot messages to Mailman.

	We've gone through this discussion before.  There are lots of 
decisions that are made inside of Mailman that the MTA cannot 
possibly know anything about.

	If you configure your Mailman installation so that it never 
rejects a message or ever sends back any kind of notice that the 
message has been held for moderation (so that you don't ever generate 
any blowback), then you will seriously impact the level of services 
that you can provide your subscribers.  At that point, you have to 
seriously question whether or not it's worth running a mailing list 
at all.

	Moreover, I'm pretty sure that you will be running a pretty 
highly hacked version of Mailman, because there are some things you 
can turn off, but there are others that I don't believe you can.  At 
that point, you're not likely to be able to get a lot of help on this 
mailing list.

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