[Mailman-Users] hello, question about mailheaders

daniel trejo demonveen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 05:45:52 CET 2006

hello everybody!.I'm a new  mailman user, I'm installing it for a mailing
list on my university (UNAM). Until now I haven't had any problems with my
configuration, but my boss (teacher) wants me to put a banner on every
mail posted on  the list. The banner must be a jpeg image and it should be
loaded from my server. I thought of putting a <src image> label on my header
in regular delivery configuration, but it seems that < is  not allowed, the
symbol &lt; appears instead; i've tried everything  " / and other
characters before the < character but nothing seems to work.
p.d i put no on my html to text checkbox

If someone answers this , I will be very grateful .

thanks everybody

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